Knox Extreme Sports (knxsports) is a non-profit organization partnering with other local non-profits in our community to be catalysts for hope and change in the lives kids and adults in our community.

Read about our story here, but the essence of what we are doing is best described by our Mission:

  • Our Mission is the creation an “organized community of hope” around action sports in our community.

KSP is a place of, and for, the action sports community. It is a place of fun, of sport and athleticism, of competition, and most importantly of hope for kids and adults in our community. Our team is focused on creating experiences through the ongoing creation of a community of action sports enthusiasts. We are doing this by strengthening the action sports community with contests and events, and developing programs in partnership with other non-profit organizations in the area.

A central focus in fulfilling our mission will be introducing Skateboarding and BMX to the youth in our community who have never had exposure to the sports before. We are doing this through the creation and introduction of programs and relationships within the park and throughout the city. One example will be the creation of skate and BMX teams in the schools in Knox County.


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