Knox Extreme Sports (knxsports) is a TN not for profit corporation launched from Live.Love.Hope in 2014.

knxsports team is made up of three elements:

  • The Board of Directors. The board of directors is responsible for the oversight of the non-profit and its business dealings. The board oversees the core components of Corporate Oversight, Executive Oversight, Financial Oversight and Project Oversight.
    • Corporate Oversight: The board’s responsibility here is to oversee the long term strategy and execution of that strategy for the corporation.
    • Executive Oversight: The board’s responsibility here is to oversee the executive team, most specifically the CEO (Executive Director) and their performance.
    • Financial Oversight: The board’s¬†responsibility here is to oversee the financial performance of the organization. This includes assisting in fundraising, setting strategic fundraising goals, determine use of funds for projects and the overall accountability of financial performance.
    • Project Oversight: The board’s responsibility here is to oversee the various projects undertaken by the corporation and their overall performance and impact
  • The Executive Team. The executive team is responsible for the execution of the strategic plan and the day to day oversight of the business, the operations and the impact being made in the community. The Executive team is the team responsible for carryout the vision and mission of the organization. The executive team is made up of the CEO, Secretary and related corporate functions.
  • The Development Team. The development team is a group of individuals who do not work in the organization day to day, but are responsible for assisting the organization by steering the plans for development projects. This is made up of action sports enthusiasts and community leaders.

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