Beaver Fleming

beaver1Knoxville native and professional skater Beaver Fleming grew up skating at KSP, and his father Mike was instrumental in the original park development in 2007. We reached out to Beaver last summer to seek his help and input for the project and he graciously jumped right in. Beaver made a special trip to KSP in October for the visit from city officials to pitch our vision for the future of KSP, and for the first contest held on October 27th. Beaver was a guest judge for the event and designed the contest format for the night.

Going forward Beaver has agreed to help in a variety of ways as he travels the globe with Nitro Circus. He will be a board member and development team member, as well as helping to endow a scholarship to Camp Woodward.

We are thankful for Beaver’s love and passion both for his hometown and action sports. Beaver has been instrumental in making critical connections throughout the United States with action sports companies and industry experts and luminaries that we would have never been able to reach without his help.

We appreciate you Beaver!

Watch Beaver’s videos on You Tube:

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