The July Jam Skate and BMX Contest

This event has been CANCELLED

Tentatively Scheduled for July 18th @ The Knoxville Skatepark at Tyson Park – Events Start at 5PM, Registration Begins at 4PM.
You MUST be onsite and registered with all waivers completed by 5PM on the 18th.

The July Jam Skate Contest is an all ages open skate and BMX competition comprising Street and Bowl for Skateboarding, and Bowl only for BMX.

This contest is Free to enter.

Divsion Formats and Schedule

This is the order we’re running the events in, along with the breaks for Awards. All times are approximate, but we do try to run things on time.

Remember, these times are subject to change based on number of participants.

  • 5:00pm: Skate Street, Novice
  • 5:45pm: Skate Street, Advanced
  • 6:30pm: Break & Awards
  • 7:00pm: BMX Flow Bowl, Novice
  • 7:30pm: BMX Flow Bowl, Advanced
  • 8:00pm: Break & Awards
  • 8:30pm: Skate Flow Bowl, Novice
  • 9:00pm: Skate Flow Bowl, Advanced
  • 9:45pm: Awards
  • 10:00pm: Best Trick Jam Session
  • Street Jams format events: 3 skaters/riders per jam, 3 minutes per jam. Judged on overall impression.
  • Bowl Jams format events: 5 skaters/riders per jam, 4 runs at 30 seconds each, skate in order until you fall. Judged on overall impression.

3 thoughts on “The July Jam Skate and BMX Contest

    • Dustin – this event has been cancelled. We had posted it on our social media accounts where most everyone follows us. Sorry for not updating it here.


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