The Knoxville Extreme Sports Park

Over the course of the next three (3) years KESP will be developed into both a premier destination for Action Sports for the Southeast AND a community of Hope for the youth of our city.

The projects “big” vision is outlined in the linked presentation: City Presentation. – V3.  What you can imagine is that KESP will be redeveloped both physically and in its focus. We are committed to KESP remaining a free park, open to everyone.

Physically and environmentally the park will be evolved as it is expanded. We envision the following:



  • A beginners area for new riders to learn.
  • An indoor/outdoor enclosed area akin to an indoor park.
  • New outdoor vert features including a half-pipe.
  • New outdoor street features added to the existing plaza area.
  • A new BMX dirt jump track across from the park.
  • A new BMX concrete pump track within the park.
  • A new BMX racing track adjacent and connected at Safety City
  • A 2000 to 3000 Square foot building with a Cafe and Shop.
  • Trees, shrubs, plants and other features that create an environmental space
  • Public art spaces for specialty urban artists to contribute relevant urban art
  • Tutoring rooms and a lounge with game room.
  • Workout facility for specialty training.
  • Bathrooms and water fountains.
  • Shaded areas to cool off and sit down.
  • Speakers, video boards and video viewing room.

The park will also be developed in its spirit, as it is transformed from just a destination for Action Sports, but also a destination where Hope is infused into our youth through our programs. We want KESP to realize our Mission, to become an organized community of hope. Learn about our programs at our programs page.

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